Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rising, parts 1 & 2

The first episode of The Lost City, a Stargate: Atlantis podcast, in which Kaiti and Andrew discuss the pilot episode, "Rising."

I promise, we get better at this as we go on.

MP3 File


  1. Wow, after watching all of SG1, I'm surprised at my own ignorance. :D "Who is Dan?" And now I'm like, "How could I possibly not know Daniel?" haha

  2. Just seen a link to your latest podcast on twitter so listening to your first (seems the way to do it).

    1. Well, that might be the right way. We had a bit of a steep learning curve when we first started, so it's not until a few episodes in that we've worked out most of the bugs.

      I hope you enjoy the podcast!